Brand Repositioning, Social Media Campaign, Internal Communications


Accident Claims Lawyers


October 2021


The Brand Marquee

Accident Claims Lawyers

An experienced team of personal injury lawyers, Accident Claims Lawyers, works with victims of all sorts of serious and life-altering injuries to ensure they get the compensation they deserve. The Brand Marquee was initially brought on to increase the presence of the brand in the UK as well as the recently opened Australian branch.

The Brand Marquee took both brands through an in-depth brand investigation and analysis process to understand what made their business different from other personal injury solicitors out there and assess how to achieve their future vision for continual brand development. Part of the process was to refine their social media strategy and convert social posts into a lead generation opportunity.

Subsequently, The Brand Marquee undertook a website redesign to promote a streamlined user experience that would generate valuable leads through the website. Alongside this a keyword-led SEO strategy that would increase their online visibility ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate.

Alongside the digital marketing focus, ‘Getting a Handle on the Cycling Market’ campaign has been produced for the Australian branch to open up new opportunities in the growing trend in bikes and cycling.