This is our story

From 2007-2012, Susan Anderton, Managing Director of The Brand Marquee, took on the role of Executive Corporate Development Director for Sprunt, a 55-strong architectural practice. During that time, she devised and managed business and sales and marketing planning to sustain and grow the business during one of the toughest recessions for design consultancies.

After developing the company’s vision and five-year business plan, Susan and her team put in place a brand strategy to improve the brand image and reposition the brand to compete with global peers. Susan, introduced, created and managed Sprunt’s successful business development strategy which directly achieved project wins spanning £45m, £180m through to £1bn construction values.

The experience and knowledge gained over these five years feeds into all of our design consultancy brand strategies. More recently, Susan has developed the five-year business plan for CampellReith – an engineering practice that continues to go from strength to strength.

One of the main values Susan brings is her ability to take the teams with her. Susan has motivated and trained architectural teams to raise the profile of the brand through a better understanding of brand and messaging. Although Susan is not an architect, she has managed project portfolios for large residential, health and schools projects. She has led on major bid submissions and directly secured around £2.5m in fees for Sprunt over the years.

About The Brand Marquee

The Brand Marquee is a brand, marketing support and campaign agency, nurturing businesses from the inside out.

Through visual identity, colour, content and presence, we tell your story and connect your brand. The Brand Marquee was set up to act as the Arthur Andersen of the marketing and business development world – successfully building businesses and brands with the best talent in the industry. 

We work with you to strengthen your brand, improve your brand, improve your competitive positioning and nurture your brand from the inside out. Our mission is to be everything our clients need us to be for their brand. We provide our clients with the support they need when they need it.

We identify ourselves as a mix of two of the twelve brand archetypes – The Magician and The Explorer.

The Magician brands believe that if they apply the right formula, success is inevitable. The results are often transformative for their clients. The Magician genuinely believes that there is more – something greater than us, greater than what we see – and often stands in defiance of perceived “reality”, believing that the limits we have are mostly self-imposed.

The Explorer brands are innovative and ambitious. They seek out the new, pushing boundaries and delighting in unexpected discoveries, whilst embracing a “no limit” philosophy.

The Explorer brand stays current with trends, encouraging initiative and providing others with the opportunity to learn and grow.

All the brands that receive a touch of The Brand Marquee magic, innovation and ambition have seen long term growth and success.