Website and SEO

The best website companies are those that understand your brand. Successful websites combine Search with powerful and engaging brand messaging. Engaging, striking and responsive websites achieve excellent levels of SEO.

Who are the best website companies?

The best website companies understand how to exploit a website solution to achieve the level of performance search engines are looking for.

Clients are blinded by SEO science and often agencies can make it
mysterious to flummox the buyer. This is all codswallop. Agencies must provide transparency as to how your website and its engine work from the inside out.

The best companies will be with you every step of the way. They will listen to the brief and articulate the brief back to you with key performance indicators that will help measure its success.

What does a website company do?

A website company will design, code, develop, test and make live your new website. They will give guidance on hosting to ensure it meets the speed and quality required by search engines.

The approach they will use is as follows:

  • Website audit. This is critical to understand what is working and how it can be improved. If you do not already have a website, we will look at online market to help you understand how to get the most form your site.
  • UC, UI and UX . This stands for User Centred, User Interface and User Experience. We will work with you to understand the personas (ie people you are targeting), their pains and drivers and how they will us your website.
  • Front-end design. In a web company there are two types of web builders. The front end and the back end (ie the content management system that holds your website information and data). The front-end design is managed by both our creative team and graphic designers as well as a front-end website developer who is experienced in building this element.
  • Back-end build. Our website coders and developers will build the content management system on a platform that is suitable for you. We will discuss the best platform for you during the initial stages. You may have already heard of the following but not limited to these – WordPress, Joomla, [Hattie’s dad’s one].
  • Responsive and mobile-first. This means that your website must work on as many devices as possible and respond to the up-to-the-minute requirements of website platforms. We are a mobile-first agency, which means we consider how it will work on the smallest device and the most commonly used device.
  • Testing. All websites must be tested for SEO credentials, page speed, and responsiveness through to grammar and spelling! This must be given breathing space before you go live to ensure you have optimised your website.
  • Go live. Our recommendation is always to do a soft launch with your team before you go live. We give you advice on when and how to do this. This is also critical to ensure you have buy-in from all within your business.

Which content management system do I choose?

This is a personal decision to you and the company based on the requirements of the website. We will work with you across a number of platforms from open source to .net and php.

How do I know whether I can trust the website design and development company?

Undertake the litmus test by asking the following questions:

  • How many websites have you designed in the past year?
  • Can you provide me with the health and performance of those websites based on the client’s initial brief?
  • What type of content management systems have you used?
  • Do you have client testimonials?

Learn more about our websites and SEO and see our example with CampbellReith.

The Brand Marquee took on the huge task of recreating our out of date site. From the design, development and build of thousands of pages to the full service and maintenance they provide for us two years on. The team is responsive and talented.”

Fabiano Dias, CTO, OCIMF

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