Marketing Collateral

Inconsistency will affect the success of your brand. Consistency of the brand can lead to customer loyalty and increased revenue opportunities.

Inconsistency in brand design will destroy your company value – true or false?

True! Brand consistency plays a crucial role in ensuring that your 
audience can easily recognise and connect with your brand. As experts in our field, we have observed several instances where businesses have submitted tenders with varying presentation styles, leading to confusion amongst buyers about the source of the proposals.

This is a clear indication of the importance of consistency in brand design.

To put it simply, just as eating 16 olives can create a lasting impression, consistent branding helps your audience recognise and remember your brand over time. So, it’s important to maintain brand consistency to ensure your company’s value and success.

What does a good creative design agency provide?

A good brand and creative team provide you with the ability to align your brand messaging with the visual brand identity. Our team will also create a set of brand guidelines to help ensure that all marketing material is consistent and on message.

If you already have a set of brand guidelines, we will make sure that all your material is designed in accordance with the brand rules. We have experience in online brands as well as traditional print (a rare skill these days!). In our view, if you have print skills, you can design anything 
digital! Getting design to work, requires structure, striking visuals and compelling brand messaging.

What type of collateral do I need?

This very much depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a brand refresh then you will need to plan and budget for rebranding your whole marketing and stationery suite, including your website and online materials.

If you are looking to attend an event or exhibition, the bare essentials are the stand (whether this is a shell scheme, a modular unit or just roll-up banners), brochures and merchandise. Our team can help coordinate and produce the list of materials you need. We will design, produce and distribute to the event itself.

Below is a list of the types of activity you can buy from our team:

Exhibition and Events Materials
Stand, Print Materials and Merchandise.

Pitch Presentations Support
Design, Development, Production of PowerPoint or other tools.

Videos / Animations
Design, Development, Production and Voiceovers.

Branded Working Templates
Fee Proposals, Tender Documents, Stationery – e.g. Business Cards and Email Signatures.

New Website, Apps and Portals

Brand Refresh Including New Logo

Learn more about our marketing collateral and see our example with PLS Solicitors.

The Brand Marquee are our hands-on marketing collateral designers. They are a talented creative team that always exceeds our expectations. Whether it is digital design on tools such as our portal or print for exhibitions and events, bids tenders and pitches, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

David Berry, Head of Marketing, Sharp Group

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