Branding and Visual Identity

The difference between a good branding agency and an excellent one is defined by the agency’s brand reputation. Endorsements from clients that have experienced real transformation are a true measure of success.

What is a visual identity for brands?

A brand is more than just a logo, however clever, unique and striking visual identities can increase a brand’s appeal. Once in place, memorable logos and visual identities that are used in a consistent way can generate better brand awareness.

A visual identity is made up of a unique logo which must be recognisable at its smallest state. Colour, typography and form all make up the tone of voice and personality of your identity.

How do I choose a good branding agency?

Excellent creative agencies with many years of success in producing unique visual identities that are timeless, future-proofed and can evolve is what you are looking for. Endorsements from their clients is an absolute must!

When choosing your brand agency, you must look for a diverse brand portfolio. This together with the client testimonials gives you reassurance of their experience and relationships with their clients. Good branding comes from excellent communication. Throughout the design process, an experienced agency will help you understand the development process which will ultimately help with the integrity of the new brand design. 

Another success indicator is when clients are proud to talk about and present their new visual identity without making up the excuse of  ‘it was designed by our marketing team’. As the leader of your business, you will want your teams to be able to communicate how proud they are to be associated with it and be able to articulate the visual identity’s brand story. That also means that your chosen agency must also have a well-defined branding process which includes providing you with a brand story and messaging.

For information on our success and brand endorsements, please request our PORTFOLIO and RELEVANT EXPERIENCE by getting in touch with our Creative Director, Jay Gregory.

The Brand Marquee worked with us on our re-branding. Susan, Jay and the team had a very positive and proactive approach to all aspects of the project. Having been in business for 70 years, we had quite dated branding which we felt didn’t reflect the current experience or ethos of our company. The Brand Marquee took us through the whole process starting with our message and company goals, translating this into a whole new branding concept through a series of workshops. The Brand Marquee developed an exciting new proposal which really showcases our business. We have had positive feedback from our Clients including complimenting the style, colours and friendly feel.”
Hayley Poynter Fenning, Partner, Playle and Partners 

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