Bids & Tenders

Improve your win rate by submitting compelling awards and tenders. 

Persuasive content, design consistency and vast experience in running multi million-pound bids and tenders improve your chances of winning.

Why choose an outsourced bid management company?

As an experienced business development, brand, and marketing communications agency, the one thing we have on our side is experience in how to win awards, bids and tenders.

Every year, we bid on tenders worth multi-million-pound contracts for our clients, with a win rate of 1:1.75. Through our expertise, we have
transformed our clients’ portfolios, helping them to win bids of scale.

Our team is made up of experts that have worked in major public sector bids, the private sector and we also work with multi-disciplinary bid teams. The range of roles we play are:

  • Bid strategy, coordination and management.
  • Bid writing for quality answers and editing.
  • Bid design and production.
  • Network mapping to open up new relationships and benefit from existing ones.
  • Bids and tender interview training.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your bids 
and tenders?

Often internal bid teams can be myopic in their view when it comes to how the tender should be answered and presented. This is because after producing hundreds of bids every year, the cut-and-paste approach can become stale, lacks evidence or is inconsistent in both design and content throughout.

Our content and design experts work on multiple brands every day across a range of sectors including construction, property, software, data centres, finance, and law so we can bring a fresh approach and objectivity to your bids. We help you answer the clients’ questions with compelling evidence. Our design execution engages your client or potential client immediately and we ensure that any legislation or requirements for change such as ESG or CSRD are met.

Why is design important to bid and tender submissions?

As humans, we tend to judge a book by its cover. First impressions count. Imagine the scenario where you are competing in your biggest bid yet and 
your competition is more successful in winning these specific tenders or may even be the incumbent. They already have an in! The client’s perception based on this alone has already informed their decision.

However, should your bid design give engage buyers through design and graphics, they will listen, read and consider.

Our creatives are experts in bid design and can provide video and photography. Striking and dynamic design improves your chances of winning and at the very least having a place at the table.

Can an outsourced bid management company save you money?

Absolutely. They will stop you from failing at the first hurdle, give you
advice as to whether to pitch at all and once the decision is made, undertake the necessary research to deliver a persuasive bid.

Our approach to how to win starts with the following questions:

  • Do you have an existing relationship with the client?
  • Is the bid right for you?
  • Have you followed the tender instructions?
  • Do you have the necessary resources to deliver the work?
  • Do you have a talented bid and tender interview team?
  • Are you competing in a true competitive tender where you are unknown?
  • Do you have a consistent approach to tendering across silos in your business?
  • What are the pain points of your buyer?
  • Do you really have the skills to write this bid?

When you work with The Brand Marquee, all of these questions are answered with a solution. We can help you with identifying and mapping 
relationship network to coordinating the team’s responses, write the quality answers, submit the bid and undertake the interview training.

Learn more about our bids and tenders and see our example with PLS Solicitors.

“Susan and her team have a real talent for persuasive bidding. As expert marketers and bid writers, they have helped us surpass all revenue targets in the past two years.”
Stuart Hart, HartDixon

Would you like to know more?

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