Brand Repositioning, Social Media Campaign, Internal Communications


PLS Solicitors


May 2018


The Brand Marquee

PLS Solicitors

PLS is one of the country’s fastest growing specialist firms of property lawyers, covering conveyancing, bridging finance, tenancy contracts and other property-related legal services.

PLS had the difficult missions of appealing to tech-savvy property purchasers yet retaining the image of trust that a ‘traditional’ firm of solicitors would project. The existing identity was created 10 years prior, and it was time to modernise the brand. We approached this in six key ways, exploiting the enormous reach and power of digital communications:

• Design a fresh, modern-looking image that works well across
a range of mobile devices, websites and printed media

• Build credibility using ‘reputational’ services like Trustpilot

• Build a recommendation and rewards programme called
‘PLS & Friends’ to grow a community of customer advocates

• Create an online campaign ‘Say Yes PLS’

• Manage social media as a recommendation
and profile-building medium

• Build a sense of ‘Customer Delight’ within PLS staff
through training programmes and incentive schemes

The result has been a tremendous success in completely transforming the brand’s external profile to promote confidence, excellence, and position PLS as one of the country’s leading conveyancers.