New brand to implementation
From new name to visual identity, digital design and web through to launch - a full-service brand solution for a leading US professional services firm
The challenge

Salute, a leading US data centre services firm was looking to expand its offering from the US to EMEA.

The goal was to take the legacy brand and transform the messaging and current perception to a full services data centre professional services firm.

The opportunity

The data centre market is continuining to expand rapidly and Salute’s mission was to create a competitive strategy that would position its services among the leading providers of lifecycle services.

Our team began exploring the brand strategy through its renewed vision, mission and values. The team also crafted a new positioning statement. This was all completed within the first four weeks of our commission.

The outcome

Over 16 weeks, we had completed the brand positioning work, created a new visual identity, new website and completely revamped their marketing collateral.

The revamped logo reflects respect, precision, and integrity. With a redesigned website and marketing materials, Salute is poised to engage with global providers, thanks to a seamless collaboration with The Brand Marquee.

Phase one
Brand positioning for new markets

Led by the brand strategy team at The Brand Marquee, Salute participated in a Brand Investigation Workshop to identify their brand archetype and personality, evolve their vision, mission and values, and produce a brand positioning statement. This exercise was the backbone to whole visual identity programme.

New brand positioning statement
“It starts and ends with us”

Susan and the team have a rebranding methodology that walks customers through the process to reflect on their identity, values and services in a way that builds the outcome. It's pretty amazing to look back and see the building blocks for our logo, fonts, colors, website layout, service descriptions and now see what we came up with together. It was a wonderful experience and we're very happy with the outcomes.

Phase two
Creating a new brand and visual identity for a world leader

The Brand Marquee team was engaged to create a striking new identity that would see the heritage logo evolve with integrity. The creative team worked closely with the senior management team over a six-week period to produce an identity that would suit the global expansion.

Entrusted with a blank canvas, The Brand Marquee brought a fresh perspective, while staying true to Salute’s heritage. Founded over a decade ago, Salute has risen to become a leader in integrated lifecycle services, earning the trust of the globe’s hyperscale, colocation, enterprise and edge operators. Today, the company boasts an impressive roster of clients that make up 80% of all cloud and critical infrastructure services worldwide – a testament to their expertise and the high-quality service they deliver. The newly unveiled logo symbolizes Salute’s forward-thinking approach and its commitment to delivering operational excellence for its clients. The design incorporates the silhouette of a salute, a gesture that conveys respect and precision, mirroring the brand’s integrity and the company’s approach to every project it undertakes.

Salute’s new visual identity is bold and confident. We will continue to support our clients with the same passion and excellence that have been the hallmark of our success.

Phase three
Designing a website for a market leader

The Brand Marquee’s in-house web team undertook the design and build of an engaging solution for our client. Targeted at the globe’s leading data centre providers, consultants and supply chain partners, the new website was designed, built and delivered within 16 weeks from inception through construction and completion.

Led by four senior team members of The Brand Marquee, we lead on imagery, content and on page-SEO optimisation.

Phase four
Enabling consistency from day one: New corporate & marketing collateral

As an integral part of the launch, we undertook the collateral design for day one launch. This involved the design and creation of all marketing materials – from corporate literature to marketing materials. This included new brochure material; corporate identity including email signatures through to new business materials and pitch documents for the international sales team.

In conclusion

Despite geographical barriers, the creative process remained uninhibited, thanks to frequent virtual collaboration via Teams meetings and in-person consultations, with our Managing Director crossing the Atlantic to meet with the Salute team.

The Salute team is proud of their new identity which not only reflects their ethos, mission, and commitment to excellence, but also serves as a solid foundation for future growth.

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