The Global Stage at our Feet

A melting pot of cultures, vibrant communities and a shared goal. You might think we’re talking about Eurovision, but it’s business as usual here at The Brand Marquee. 

While our roots stretch from England to Ireland, our influence extends far beyond.  

With clients in the UK and Ireland, and as far away as Australia, the Middle East, India, and the US, we’re experienced in managing time zones, language barriers, religious holidays and cultural expectations. 

The reality is that with our skill in translating brand messaging for different nations and cities and the very best of technology, we have been able to grow trustworthy client relationships across borders. You’ll also find our directors frequently travelling to events and clients in other countries to fully understand their goals, and most-importantly, their marketplaces. 

Branding is a global enterprise, often companies will begin their brand lifecycle with a local concern, but over time, this may grow to require international appeal and scope for growth, sometimes you need to cross borders to achieve that.  

Most recently we assisted Salute, an American company, to take their brand to a global platform. This required a brand refresh, as their previous stance was focused on the veterans of the USA, as a European firm we were able to understand the challenges they were likely to face in branching out from the States and assist in creating a brand that works in every country. 

One of our clients in the Middle East treats us as the core of their marketing, but with their desire for international exposure, we’re well placed to represent them in multiple continents, either in-person at events, or ongoing through their online reach. 

Wherever our clients are based, our team approaches every task with grounded research, creativity and passion. We take the time to understand our clients and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. There’s a saying that ‘no man is an island’, in today’s interconnected society, that couldn’t be more true, no company is restricted to local connections, let’s go global.