Transforming Legacy into Global Leadership: Our Evolution of Salute’s Branding

With a legacy deeply rooted in the US, Salute was faced with expanding into the EMEA region while aligning its identity with its broader mission. Over the course of eight months we worked on a comprehensive repositioning strategy, including a new name, mission, and identity that resonated across continents.

Visual Identity Overhaul:

Collaborating closely with Salute’s senior management, we meticulously created a new identity that honoured the brand’s heritage while signalling its global aspirations. The new logo, featuring a respectful salute silhouette, embodies precision and integrity—core values that define Salute’s approach to every project.

Website Redesign:

In the digital realm, we ensured Salute’s online presence reflected its newfound global stature. Our team delivered an engaging website within 16 weeks, tailored to appeal to data centre providers worldwide. From elegant design elements to SEO optimisation, every aspect was fine-tuned to elevate Salute’s digital footprint.

Collateral Design & Communication:

From corporate literature to client communications, we curated a suite of marketing materials that represented Salute’s renewed identity. This included everything from brochures to email signatures, ensuring consistency across every touchpoint.

Mergers & Acquisitions Integration:

As Salute pursued growth through acquisitions, we navigated the complexities of integrating new brands into its identity seamlessly. Stakeholder consultation and adaptation of the brand ensured a cohesive narrative across the expanded portfolio.

Global Collaboration, Local Impact:

Despite geographical barriers, our partnership with Salute was uninhibited. Through virtual collaboration and in-person consultations, we cultivated a deep understanding of Salute’s ethos, culminating in a brand identity the whole team is immensely proud of.

“When you partner with an organization to support transformative change, brand identity, and positioning, you need a partner like Brand Marquee. They get it and deliver outstanding results in the most collaborative way!” – Mike Jones, EVP Global Operations, Salute

The unveiling of Salute’s new identity marks not just a rebrand, but a testament to its commitment to excellence and a springboard for future growth.

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