Meet Holly Lynam, Our Marketing Administrator! 

Our newest recruit, Holly Lynam, has only been with us a short while but is already making a big impact. With her infectious personality, can-do attitude and desire to learn as much as possible, this young marketer has become a treasured member of The Brand Marquee Team. 

Joining us after completing her A-levels, she was drawn to marketing after realising the discipline combined two of her major interests: business and people. 

“I studied Business at Alton College, along with dance and sociology,” shares Holly. “My sociology studies drew me towards marketing. I find it fascinating that marketing is all about understanding and influencing people’s behaviour. Plus, it’s creative and social, which I love!” 

Creativity is something that’s innate for Holly, who has loved dancing since she was a child. 

“When I was younger, I was obsessed with Disney – and still am! So naturally, childhood-me had aspirations of being a princess,” she jests. “When I realised this probably wouldn’t be achievable, I turned my attention to dancing. I have learnt many different styles over the years, but ballet and jazz are my two favourites.”

From the dance floor to the office, Holly brings a spark of creative showmanship to everything she does. She is always on the ball and full of new ideas for campaigns and content across our diverse client base.  

No stranger to delivering under pressure, she honed her multitasking skills while working in a pub during her studies. 

“Working in a busy pub definitely taught me how to juggle a lot at once! I thrive in fast-paced environments, so the marketing world suits me perfectly so far,” she beams. 

Looking to the year ahead, Holly is excited to expand her skills and continue her professional growth. 

She explains: “I want to improve my marketing and branding knowledge. I find digital marketing and SEO especially interesting. I love that these services are a big focus for The Brand Marquee.” 

Beyond her professional goals, she also has plenty of ambitious personal targets she wants to achieve. 

“I want to reach my goals in the gym,” she shares. “I’m also going to continue supporting mental health charities close to my heart: Youngminds and Little Lives UK.” 

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