Meet our Technical Director, Jordan Scott!


Wise far beyond his years, our fantastic technical director, Jordan Scott, is the creative mastermind behind our clients’ beautiful websites and intuitive user experiences. 

Joining us after university four years ago, he has wowed his colleagues and clients with his visionary thinking, incredible work ethic and technical know-how. 

It’s no wonder that, in such a short space of time, he has progressed from a graduate designer to our youngest ever director!

“I’ve grown a lot in the past four years – professionally and personally,” shares Jordan, looking back on his time with us. “One of my proudest moments so far is working on the user journey for the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). It’s a worldwide website accessed by tens and thousands of people each month!”

With a thirst for knowledge and an incredibly analytical mind, Jordan has an uncanny ability to create game-changing online experiences. 

“I’ve always had a keen interest in psychology, and I’ve channelled this into graphic design,” he explains. “I like understanding why people behave the way they do when interacting with a product or application so that I can improve the user experience.”

Diplomatic, earnest and wryly funny, he is cherished by his colleagues, who are frequently inspired by his astounding ability to understand complex systems and his commitment to doing the very best he can on every project. 

Outside of the office, Jordan balances a range of different hobbies and causes. He is a passionate mental health advocate, a whizz at computer games and a regular at the gym. He’s also known to enjoy the occasional mojito or two! 

Looking ahead, Jordan has a few goals – both professional and personal – that he’d like to accomplish in the next year.

“I’m currently working towards a 300kg deadlift at the gym,” he shares. “Work-wise, I’d also really like to win an award for one of my websites.”

We’re confident that Jordan will achieve all this and more in the coming months – and we’re so grateful to have him on our team! 

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