Meet Tim Holt, our Web Design Executive!

A couple of months into his role as web design executive at The Brand Marquee, Tim Holt already feels at home! 

“I’m really excited about working here. I think it’s opened up a world of possibilities for me,” he shares. “So far, I’ve been absorbing a lot of information, becoming familiar with our clients, and getting stuck into some really fun, creative design concepts.” 

Joining us with a background in art curation and marketing, Tim felt like a natural fit for our company. With his creative outlook and passion for website coding and design, he slotted wonderfully into our growing web development team.

Reminiscing on his path to his new role, he explains: “I worked in several London art galleries over the years, including the Jerwood Space, and I’m also an artist myself. I’ve always been fascinated with producing immersive art pieces, and website design is a natural extension of that.”

He continues: “I started coding websites from scratch a few years back as a hobby. Then, during lockdown, I challenged myself to develop a phone application: a game that involved players completing quests in their local towns and villages. I got to speak about it on a local radio station, which was fun!” 

Innovative by nature, Tim is looking forward to applying his creative problem-solving skills and coding expertise to build some beautiful, intuitive websites for our clients. 

Outside of the office, his ingenuity continues to shine. When he’s not developing websites or building his own art installations, he’s championing other artists around the country. 

“I organise and curate art shows in my spare time,” he shares. “I’m also working on a passion project to support upcoming and established artists showcase their work throughout the UK.” 

On top of his creative passions, he is also an avid sportsman. He explains: “I’ve run the London marathon three times and love long walks. I recently walked the South Downs Way twice!”

With so much on his plate, his work ethic is undoubtedly inspiring. His motto for juggling so many things at once? 

“I’m a big believer in saying yes to new opportunities. You never know what could come of them,” he says. “I also often say: tomorrow is another day. It reminds me not to worry and keep pushing forward.” 

It’s this motto that has perhaps led Tim to become somewhat of a local celebrity. Last Christmas, he was asked to dress up as a mascot to switch on his local town’s Christmas lights – and, of course, he said yes! 

We’re so thrilled to have Tim as part of our team, and we look forward to watching him continue to flourish in the weeks and months to come.