Welcome, Heidi Jermyn!

Having previously traded Australia’s aptly-named Sunshine Coast for the relative chill of County Kildare, Heidi Jermyn – who was recently appointed as Head of Ireland and Campaign Operations Director at The Brand Marquee – is a past master at conquering the challenges associated with major changes in circumstance.

Unlike the climatic shock of swapping continents, however, the experienced digital marketer from Down Under insists her transition from being an in-house marketing manager to a senior player in a fast-growing agency has not been troubled by any storm clouds.

“There are absolutely no reasons for me to doubt my decision – I’ve joined a flourishing firm with a diverse client portfolio, inspirational managing director and hugely talented creative team,” Heidi said of her new role. 

“Professionally, I have gone from being a curator to having direct access to a wealth of resources. Rather than having to find and commission additional support and numbers for specific activities, I now have those experts at my disposal and can bring them quickly to bear for the benefit of clients. I’m a conductor with my own brilliantly tuned orchestra.

“The diversity of the specialisms available at The Brand Marquee is what sets the company apart from the crowd and, having sat on their side of the desk, I look forward to introducing marketing managers to this remarkable ‘one-stop shop’ for professional services and relieving them of some of their daily headaches.” 

While expanding The Brand Marquee’s interests in Ireland will be a key component of Heidi’s Dublin-based role, the proficient practitioner fully intends to keep her digital digits dirty.

“I’m too passionate about brand design, digital content and social media not to be involved in delivering campaigns,” added Heidi, who is currently dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on a thesis for a master’s in digital marketing. 

“Nearly all of my working life has been spent in digital and, at the age of 46, I’ve seen first-hand how the industry has evolved from its infancy to where it is today. I’ve been designing and building websites since the beginning of my career and the passion has never waned – there are always new techniques and approaches to consider and the advances in artificial intelligence mark an exciting new chapter.”

Of her latest addition to the team, Susan Anderton, managing director at The Brand Marquee, said: “Our existing clients in Ireland, and those we’ve not yet met, are in very safe hands. Heidi’s marketing experience, across multiple sectors, and in-depth knowledge of all-things digital will be invaluable as we continue to expand our geographic footprint.

“Our Baggot Street office is now very much open for business.”