In uncertain times or unprecedented times, we need to remain focused and remember our brand values

Business continuity plans across the globe are being tested, from health services to commercial enterprises, in the hope that workers can cope with unprecedented circumstances.

At this time our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected by this terrible situation caused by COVID-19.

For small businesses it is impossible to predict what may happen, and yesterday we tested our own business continuity plan. Whilst we are an SME with a small team, and it was only one day! – as a media agency built on providing up to the minute communication we had to understand the challenges we may face.

Using communication technology (which was free), a briefing note to our clients and sheer commitment from our team, the day was a success.

So, how does this relate to maintaining growth in an uncertain market?

Over the past few days, we have been very impressed with our clients and their attitude to this current challenge. Their professionalism and creative approach to keeping everyone motivated has been an inspiration and will result in their own clients having complete trust in them.

During our planning we reflected on the values our clients respect us for. Aside from our internal team values of protecting our staff, respecting each other’s views and listening, we have listed below the brand values that we keep sacrosanct for our clients but, really, these are no different to every enterprise. Our view is that by acting out our brand values, we can keep our businesses safe.


Now more than ever communication is critical, from regular communication with our teams, particularly while working remotely to keeping our clients informed.

We always respond immediately to any client requests that come in via email or the telephone, indicating time of delivery and how we will approach the task. This is simple but effective and gives clients confidence.

On time delivery to the highest standards

If a client cannot track their tasks (like a parcel from Amazon) and the project is delayed they can only assume it isn’t happening. If the quality is poor and the standards have dropped, then clients can only assume processes have broken down.

  • Quality projects must be delivered to deadlines as promised – non negotiable! Or is it? Should there be a reason why this is not possible – ie it is out of your control, clients respect businesses that update them on the status ahead of the deadline with a full explanation on next steps.

Going the extra mile

Trust is built on actions, not just words.

  • The success of our business is predicated on how proactive we are. We are helpful and on-hand for any challenges our clients face in relation to their media and communications. Our commitment is to raise their profile in a positive light; to promote their values and to support them during situations like this.

Growth in uncertain markets is difficult to predict, but by protecting what you have and acting out your brand values we believe this can keep in you business.