Thought for the day #FridaysFascination

Fight to survive, grow, innovate – but at what risk?

It’s really interesting times, as we see businesses fighting for survival and looking for new market opportunities. It is difficult to find an opportunity without it appearing as capitalising on tragic circumstances.

By their very nature, entrepreneurs are working hard to find a gap or some new idea that will help them survive, grow, and innovate over the coming weeks. However we must think about the impacts of our decisions. For many of us working within a B2B or B2C environment, almost all of our survival ideas are likely to contradict Government restrictions in some way, and we find ourselves going back to the drawing board for the next idea. But it will come! We say – ‘Have faith!’

Remember that first eureka moment?

When will you experience this moment again? We just don’t know, however it is worth reflecting on some knowns. Some of the best music ever created comes from the North. Why is this? Apparently, because it rains so much resulting in many hours indoors!

When swotting up on Archimedes and that eureka moment, I read somewhere that “Ideas don’t just occur to us spontaneously from one moment to the next. Our minds build them from a unique chain of associations and connections, sometimes over a considerable time.” Innovation happens when you have time on your hands and when you use experience to create something new. So let’s use this time to rack our brains to make that next break but safely and honestly.