Meet our Creative Director, Jay Gregory!

creative Director

Creative, curious and quick-witted, our wonderful creative director, Jay Gregory, is a powerhouse in the world of graphic design and brand identity.

Cleverly combining his eye for aesthetics with his adept talent for storytelling, Jay has helped numerous high street brands, multi-nationals and independents harness the potential of visual communications to grow their customer base.

“At face value, you could say I make stuff look nice,” he quips. “But, really, what I do is about communication, solving problems and building brand affinity.”

It is this strategic, big-picture approach that has led Jay to have such an impressive career. 

Over 20 years, he has helped design agencies and brands to craft game-changing narratives through print and digital, with a cross-sector repertoire that spans fashion, broadcast, beauty and food – to name a few!

In 2018, he started working with The Brand Marquee, officially becoming our creative director in 2021. 

“Joining the company was a really good choice for me, and I’m very happy with where we are going,” says Jay. 

Day-to-day, he spearheads creative projects for our clients: leading brainstorms, engineering innovative concepts and nurturing his colleagues – all with a sense of optimism, vision and vitality. 

Outside the workplace, Jay’s creative streak continues to shine. He loves to whip up inventive dishes in the kitchen, experimenting with the spirit shelf in the hope of creating a drinkable cocktail, and is well-versed in the art of football. Occasionally, you’ll also find him at the pub drinking New York sour. 

“I was on a trip once and asked for a whisky sour. I got given a New York sour instead and never looked back!” He explains. 

This anecdote encapsulates another of Jay’s leadership qualities: openness. His life motto is ‘try it, you might like it, and he has infused this approach into the DNA of the Brand Marquee.

With every project, he encourages the team to think outside of the box, be adventurous and craft compelling campaigns that communicate our clients’ stories in new and exciting ways.

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