Meet Our Senior Management Team

Susan Anderton, Managing Director

Susan Anderton managing director photo team shoot

Founder of The Brand Marquee, Susan Anderton is the managing director and hands-on marketing and campaign consultant for a range of clients across six sectors – from legal and professional services to technology and data centres

Susan’s experience in brand, marketing and business development spans 30+years. In that time she has created successful campaigns from working with Comic Relief in the early days for a major pub and restaurant brand to business-changing strategies for our newest client RiT Tech

Her business and commercial knowledge is strong. From 2007-2012 Susan headed up an architecture practice to support them through the recession, directly generating almost £3m in fees in that time. This experience resulted in understanding the impact of successful marketing, brand and BD campaigns on EBITDA or other ROI indicators. 

One of the most significant achievement for a new sector back in 2012, was her role in the merger between Blake Lapthorn and Morgan Cole. For 18 months, Susan worked with the managing partner on all aspects of brand from identifying its new name to instilling a new culture within the firm. 

Susan is used to leading and nurturing large teams at every level – from mentoring young professionals to working closely with C-Suite Executives on defining their brand, growing their business or exit strategies. She has also delivered a significant number of personal brand projects for senior teams. 

Her ability to create innovative and dynamic marketing campaigns is demonstrated by the success achieved by our clients over the past nine years. The majority of clients have come through recommendation. 

Jordan Scott, Technical Director

jordan scott image photo team photography technical director

Jordan is The Brand Marquee’s youngest director, appointed on merit and talent. 

His ability to interpret the vision of a brand is invaluable, working closely with our clients and the creative director. Jordan’s skill in telling the brand story and creating appropriate user journeys for websites and other online media. 

With an analytical mind, Jordan can identify the patterns needed to define the criteria for successful campaigns. As a qualified and talented designer, Jordan also has great vision and imagination, expressing design with a clear message and excitement, as creative styles allow. 

Jordan’s strength lies within digital design. He is always precise in a digital direction from inception to creation. 

“Design allows my creativity to thrive, allowing great flexibility in bringing my ideas to life, therefore creating visually stimulating pieces of work giving me great pride.”

Jordan Scott

Jay Gregory, Creative Director

jay Gregory creative director meet the team

Jay has, what is now the other side twenty years of commercial experience, leading and directing design teams in creating brands and visual communications that deliver on the client’s vision. 

Fortunate enough to work across a wide range of disciplines and sectors, including B2B, B2C and internal comms for global brands, multi-nationals and independents, his experience spans technology, communications, finance, utilities and law, through to health, beauty and food and a whole host in between. Each client is different, and these opportunities have resulted in the experience and knowledge to ask the right questions and select the best approach and direction for each individual client. 

Jay’s expertise includes branding and identity, front end web/apps/interfaces and digital media, typography, branded environments, literature, packaging, wayfinding, signage, exhibition, merchandise and apparel. 

“There are five things I’ve learned, that above all, when it comes to brand, are essential for success: 

  • Personality is the difference between initial attraction and a relationship. 
  • Without character, a brand will fail to engage or communicate. 
  • Continuity is imperative, conflicting information leads to indecision. 
  • Information is worthless without the incentive to act upon it.”

“ You’re only as good as the last thing you do.” 

Jay Gregory

Hattie Rogers, Campaign Operations Manager

Hattie rogers campaign operations manager meet the team

Hattie has been working with The Brand Marquee since May 2020. 

A talented creative, Hattie has developed her career from Junior Marketing Executive to Digital Content Manager and now to Campaign Operations Manager

Hattie leads the team that focuses on all things campaign including content and web for a number of clients. 

In the first year of her employment with The Brand Marquee, Hattie played an integral role in the build and management of a very large project for a trade body in the oil industry. During the project, Hattie’s skill for websites and content became obvious, building a multi-faceted site with over 100 pages, in multiple languages including Chinese and Arabic. 

With a keen eye for social media, Hattie is able to focus on trends and target audiences, to make sure that all her clients get the most out of the content they are putting out. 

Hattie’s is a client manager and campaign manager. She works closely with all teams to ensure the successful delivery of digital and content campaigns. Hattie’s creative, content and communications experience stems from her degree in Acting, which she achieved from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2019. Her interpersonal and leadership skills are strong, due to the nature of her course. 

With Susan as a mentor, Hattie has learned how to create and maintain a brand identity, its integrity and how to provide a client with value.