Meet Rose Loveday, Our Studio and Office Assistant

Since joining The Brand Marquee in November 2021, Rose Loveday has blossomed. In her first marketing role, our 21-year-old studio and office assistant has unleashed her creative flair, learnt new skills and made wonderful friendships along the way. 

“My proudest moment at The Brand Marquee is simply how much I’ve grown and learned. I feel supported by the team, and I’m learning more every day,” Rose explains. 

With her innate warmth and contagious enthusiasm, she has established fantastic connections with her colleagues and clients. Whether helping the team with finances, liaising with clients or brainstorming creative ideas, she approaches every task with a genuine eagerness to do the best job possible. 

“The creativity and client interactions are my favourite parts. I love coming up with social media post ideas and getting involved in team meetings. I’m a real people person, and I love how varied every day is,” she says.

To her colleagues, Rose’s bright disposition and can-do attitude make her a valued team player. She’s a natural motivator, always keen to lend a hand and support others – and her innate kindness and curiosity continue to shine outside of the office. 

“I’m a horse-rider, a ballroom dancer, a volunteer at the Young Archaeology Club – and I help out at a dairy farm!” she says. “I have been ballroom dancing for 18 years and interested in Archaeology for around ten years, and I hope to progress to horse jumping competitions soon too!”

Her zest for life means that Rose’s feet rarely touch the ground, which is why many people are surprised to learn that she lives with a chronic illness: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). 

“I got diagnosed with EDS when I was 18. It’s a connective tissue disorder that causes the joints in my body to dislocate or sub-locate,” shares Rose. “Some days are better than others. When things get really bad, I struggle with mobility and use my fancy pink walking stick!”

Raising awareness about EDS is important for her. She notes: “I work hard on awareness as EDS is an invisible illness.”

Despite the challenges she has had to overcome, Rose is full of optimism and excitement about the future.

“I’m excited to keep working hard and see how my job role develops,” she says. “I also want to compete in my first horse jumping competition, take my next ballroom exams and go to Texas – I’m a sucker for country music!” 

We’re so grateful to have Rose on our team – and we can’t wait to see her achieve all this and more as she continues flourishing at The Brand Marquee