New Brand




December 2019


The Brand Marquee


As a group of Chartered Surveyors, the HartDixon team provides a wide range of property management services to the commercial and public property sectors, throughout the UK and Europe. HartDixon prides itself on its expertise, professionalism and integrity.

HartDixon was part of a larger organisation, and the brief was to create a credible mark that promoted their independence. The HartDixon team also wanted a unique mark that reflected their values and innovation, expert advice and personable service – putting their clients at the heart of everything they do.

The Brand Marquee took the team through an in-depth process of brand investigation and analysis to understand what made the business tick, how they view themselves and what their vision for the business is. Part of that process was refining and articulating these ideas and values into a clear mission for the business, with clear propositions for their target customers.

HartDixon’s core competencies were distilled into a clear brand positions, emphasising how their technical expertise and risk-management experience could give clients the confidence to explore innovative and bold new developments. A completely new visual identity was created that communicated a trustworthy, crisp and modern image.